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"The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy; 
I (Christ) came that they might have life, and might have it abundantly."
John 10:10


             Each person tries to understand the purpose or meaning of life. Life is similar to breath of wind that cannot be turned back or relived. All that occurs in our life - occurs once.
             We long for something that can stop the raging whirlwind of our life... which spares neither friends, nor relatives, nor ourselves. All of mankind rushes in search of something that can fill the internal emptiness, give relief to our pain, and give hope and confidence in a vital way. But all human attempts and efforts to fill this void are empty promises that are vain and useless. The next storm that comes into our lives breaks our hearts, and exposes our dirty and evil human essence for what it is, which the tatters of our hypocritical love and humanity cannot hide.
             Look back. Where are all the idols and ideals which like fine sculptures once filled your heart? All of them have fallen under the impact of the lie, not having brought the promised world. Both you and they, once majestic and proud, are now broken and lonely. You are like a blind man, as you search for truth and meaning in the darkness of ignorance and egoism.
             The uncertainty frightens you. "What is Truth?" - you impudently ask while looking in eyes of The One who is True. In your efforts to obtain position in society, you crucified Love. By your own hand you pulled down all Divine principles, trying to grasp that for which your flesh thirsts. Refusing to worship the one True God, you became your own god and the subject of your own worship.
             And now, at the threshold of eternity, you convulsively try to calm yourself and cover over your fear, before something unknown and inaccessible to human understanding consumes your heart and pulls down your soul.
             But listen closely. Do you hear this gentle voice? Take a moment to turn away from your vain pursuits and listen to it. It is not similar to all those voices which you already heard. Something inside of you has begun to come to life and has directed you on to this voice, which can fill your heart with the long-awaited world for which you searched your whole life. It is Jesus Christ's voice, the voice of Truth, the voice of Crucified Love. Are you surprised? It is real - Jesus is alive! He died to forgive you and He rose again to give you life and to make you a child Divine. He wishes to fill your heart with peace and love and to help you to cross the threshold of eternity without fear. God has prepared you for much, and has much to give you. He wants to give you His forgiveness and His love. He wants to give you Himself. But you must to ask. Ask, and He will give all. Do you feel how your spirit is drawn to the Creator? Open your heart to God... ask Him to help you. Do not push away His hand. He loves you, and in great love is expecting you as His favorite child. Go to Him and be dipped into the stream of His great mercy and grace.


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